This page shows the 2019/20 timetable, effective from 9th September 2019.
Unless otherwise stated, all beginners classes started in September.
To decide which course is right for you, please see the guide to finding your language level.

Enrolment part way through the year is sometimes possible if you already know some of the language. Please contact us for details.

Click here for enrolment form. Our conditions of enrolment can be found here.

Level Day Time Tutor Comments
 Beginners Tuesday 9.30 - 11am A Barton started 5/11/19
 Beginners Wednesday 8.00-9.30pm Helen Agarwala NEW starting 4/3
 Beginners Thursday 11.00-12.30pm Helen Agarwala  
 Beginners Thursday 6.30-8.00pm Maria Perez Luis  
 Beginners Thursday 6.30-8.00pm Ana Gonzalez  
 Beginners Thursday 8.00 - 9.30pm Maria Perez Luis NEW starting 5/3
 Beginners Thursday 8.00-9.30pm Helen Agarwala  
 Post Beginners Monday 11.00-12.30pm A Barton    
 Post Beginners Monday 8.00-9.30pm Maria Perez-Luis  
 Post Beginners Wednesday 6.30-8.00pm Ana Gonzalez  
 Post Beginners Wednesday 8.00-9.30pm Ana Gonzalez  
 Pre-Intermediate Monday 11.00-12.30pm Helen Agarwala  
 Pre-Intermediate Monday 6.30-8.00pm Ana Gonzalez  
 Pre-Intermediate Tuesday 6.30-8.00pm A Barton  
 Lower Intermediate Monday 9.30-11.00am A Barton  
 Lower Intermediate Monday 6.30 - 8.00pm A Barton  
 Lower Intermediate Wednesday 11.00-12.30pm Ana Gonzalez  
 Lower Intermediate Wednesday 6.30-8.00pm A Barton  
 Lower Intermediate Wednesday 8.00-9.30pm Maria Perez Luis  
 Upper Intermediate Wednesday 11.00-12.30pm Maria Perez Luis  
 Upper Intermediate Wednesday 6.30-8.00pm Maria Perez Luis  
 Upper Intermediate Wednesday  6.30-8.00pm Helen Agarwala  
 Upper Intermediate Friday 11.00-12.30pm A Barton  
 Lower Advanced Monday 8.00-9.30pm Ana Gonzalez  
 Upper Advanced Wednesday 9.30-11.00am Ana Gonzalez  
 Upper Advanced Thursday 8.00-9.30pm Ana Gonzalez  


If there is no course timetabled at the time and level to suit you, please get in touch. We operate waiting lists and seek wherever possible to offer classes to meet student demand. Please tell us your availability and level, either by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or by phone 01462 431804.