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The following descriptions explain the course levels. If after reading this you feel that you still need some assistance deciding which level of course will best suit your language skill, please contact us.

These courses are aimed at those who have no knowledge of the language at the start of the course (usually in September). Students will gradually and systematically learn the language through speaking, listening reading and writing.

Post Beginners
This level is suitable for students who have acquired a basic vocabulary and understanding of the language but whose knowledge of sentence structure and grammar is very limited.

These courses are aimed at those who have a basic knowledge of the language through previous studies at an elementary level or contact with native speakers. Students should be able to construct simple sentences in the present and past tense.

Lower Intermediate
These courses are aimed at those who have a reasonable grasp of the language and its grammar. Students should be able to hold a simple conversation in the language in the major tenses: present, past and future.  Basic skills are consolidated and extended, in particular speaking the target language.

Upper Intermediate
These courses are designed for those who should have a good working knowledge of grammar of the target language and be able to hold sustained conversation and have reasonable understanding of extended material, both aural and written.  

Lower Advanced
These courses are designed for students who have a thorough knowledge of the grammar of the target language and speak reasonably fluently but feel their oral skills could be improved. Classes are conducted almost exclusively in the target language.

Upper Advanced
These courses are intended for students who are fluent speakers of the language with a thorough knowledge and accurate application of the grammar but would like to maintain this standard with regular practice.

If you require assistance determining your level please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Short introductory courses – Summer terms only

These fixed length courses provide a ‘toolkit’ of basic language skills for complete beginners, in time for a Summer holiday. By the end of the six week course students will have the language skills to cover everyday situations on holiday, such as finding directions, arranging travel, eating out, booking hotels and asking for information in the target language. These courses are aimed at those who have never studied the language before and provide good preparation for a full Beginners Class.

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