Updated 9th June 2024

How are courses organised?

We organise our classes into 7 levels: Beginners, Post-Beginners, Pre-Intermediate, Lower-Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, Lower Advanced and Upper Advanced. All levels are offered in some languages but not available in all.


How Do I Choose the Correct Level?

If you are an absolute beginner then you should join a beginner class at the very start. Details of new beginners classes are available here. Most beginners classes start in September or January each year.  On the downloadable timetables classes marked as ‘beginner’ may have already begun and would only be suitable if a student has some prior knowledge of the language.

For other levels please consult the Guide to Your Level, which will help you decide the best level for you. If you are in doubt, please email us with a brief summary of your experience of the language you wish to study and we will be happy to advise you. You can then select a class from our list of timetables which can be downloaded here.


How long do the Courses Last?

Our academic year takes the same schedule of North Hertfordshire Schools and is divided into 6 half-term periods (usually 6 or 7 weeks long). Students are committed to paying for a half-term block at a time and therefore, can choose how long they wish to study for. Normally, the classes will continue for the whole academic year (September – July) and often keep running for many years, with their level name being changed to reflect the progress made.


What is the Cost and How Are Payments Made?

The cost of group classes is based on an hourly rate (£9.60 Sept 2024 – July 2025) for groups of 5 students or more. The majority of students now pay by electronic bank transfer which is usually made directly to the tutor.


Do Classes Use Textbooks?

Textbooks are generally used for beginner and intermediate levels and tutors try to adopt the same texts for each language to allow more flexibility to change classes is needed. Students are responsible for purchasing their own materials.


How large are the Classes?

We believe that is very important that each student has the chance to speak and contribute in a lesson and therefore, we aim for no more than 8 students in a class.


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