Hitchin Language Centre is an independent enterprise specialising in language services

Our tutors are a dedicated team who believe that language is best learnt in small groups with plenty of personal interaction aiming to equip students with a good practical use of their chosen language.

There is now no need to travel as far as London or Cambridge as, uniquely for our area, we are able to offer tuition in a diverse range of over 20 languages, many in group classes. Our work is not restricted to our Hitchin premises, we are often able to offer flexible arrangements to businesses and educational establishments.

Whatever your language needs, please contact us to find out more.

Updated: 30 January 2019

New classes for complete beginners
We plan to offer a range of six week taster courses for complete beginners for the Summer Term. Details will appear here later in 2019.

Existing classes

Meanwhile there are still places for people with existing knowledge in our existing classes at all levels.
Once you have identified a class, please contact us to check there is availability.

To enrol in a group class

1. Select the language and level you require

Download a timetable: French   German   Italian   Spanish  Other Languages  

See our guide to levels. If you are unsure of your level don't hesitate to contact us for advice.

Please note: timetables are correct at the time of writing. In exceptional circumstances class times and days may be subject to alteration.

2. Check that you understand the way our classes work

Read information for students which explains our terms and how fees are calculated.

As far as possible, we organise the timetable so that student...